Summer Vacation

Summer vacation ended with success, a lot of fun and no casualties.

The children went home for only a few days in their biological homes, but from obvious reasons they spent most of the summer at Ahava Village.The summer day camp was diverse and had many contents, some activities inside the  village and some outside: parks, trips, camping, etc. Also, It’s worth mentioning that the Leadership Project graduates stood out in the activities.

At the end of August, the F.I.C.E organization hosted an international congress that united childrens’ organizations from 37 countries, all over the world. Israel’s delegation to the congress included 12 people, out of 700 participants in the congress. Yoav Appelboim- Ahava’s CEO, Dani Ariel- Vice CEO and manager, and Tamar Even-Tsur- a social worker, were all part of the delegation. Yoav was chosen to a 3-year term as a F.I.C.E International managment member, and chairman of the Audit Committee.

Moreover, Yoav was invited to present the international prize after a hard competition between organizations from all over the world. He is the one who initiated the prize’s subject and awarding.

Ahava members presented three therapeutic projects in the congress that are executed at Ahava:
1. The protection and empowerment program that is meant to protect children from sexual abuse, and extinct them as much as possible.
2. The self-control group by bicycle riding
3. Girls empowerment program

All of the projects were accepted with grace and appreciation by the participants.