Yoav Apelboim

Executive Director of ‘Ahava Village’

Yoav Apelboim has over thirty-five years of experience dealing with children at risk. A social worker who previously worked as a counselor, educational coordinator and supervisor he has been the general manager of Ahava for over ten years and is responsible for the overall operations, staff and environment of the village.

Yoav is also a member of several national and international steering committees focused on policy for children at risk in Israel and in other countries.

Email: yoavep1@gmail.com

David Grin

Director of ‘Friends of Ahava Village’ 

Mr. Grin is currently focusing on managing his family office and managing his Charitable Foundation. The main focus of the Charitable Foundation is on projects that will enhance and improve the lives of kids from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The goal of the Foundation is to provide the kids with as safe and as supportive environment as possible, help the kids achieve higher academic levels and expose them to the same opportunities that kids from normal families would have. We believe that by accomplishing the above, kids from disadvantaged backgrounds have a much better chance of breaking out of the disadvantaged surroundings and achieve success in their lives.

Previously Mr. Grin was the co-founder of a Manhattan, New York based multibillion dollar group of funds which specialized in asset-based lending mainly to small US and Canadian companies. Mr. Grin, is a Certified Public Accountant (ISR), and received an M.B.A. in Finance and Operations Systems from Tel Aviv University, Israel, and a B.A. degree in Economics and Accounting from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Email: david@friendsofahavavillage.com

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