How You Can Help – Funding Opportunities

Safe Rooms Project: Help Us Keep Our Kids Safe

During Operation Protective Edge, we realized that no part of Israel is safe. Under the requirement of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, and the Home Front Command, we were advised that we needed to build safety rooms for each family care unit.

Our current safety shelters are located in the base floor of each building, and since the alert time in our location is only 1 minute – there is not sufficient time to arrive safely to the current shelters. The new safety rooms, added to each family care unit will ensure the safety of our children under rocket attacks from the north.

The total cost is $500,000, of which the government will fund 40%. We need to come up with the rest of the funds by the end of the calendar year or we lose the government funding opportunity. The need is URGENT, and we need your support. If you’d like to make a much-needed contribution to Ahava Village please click below to find out more about our funding opportunities and make a donation.

Ahava Village General Funding Opportunities

Your contribution will provide Ahava with one of the following:

  • Recording studio for a year for the youth musical group
  • Expand & Maintain the pet therapy program
  • Recreational sports equipment
  • Vocational training after military service
  • Cultural & Social Activities Center supplies
  • Laptop computer and programs for therapy room
  • Art therapy
  • Special clothes and religious articles for the bar/bat mitzvah program
  • Clothing
  • Educational counselor and/or therapist

If you’d like to make a general contribution to Ahava Village, please click below: