Honor! Honor! Honor!

Mifalot Education and Society Enterprises is an organization that operates in order to edjucate and pass on values of cooperation, social unification, and mutual help, by establishing soccer groups in peripheral cities in Israel, and in additional countries.

This year, Mifalot Education and Society Enterprises is celebrating eighteen years to it’s existance. Therefore, it was mentioned in a moving event in Neve Illan hotel near Jerusalem.

-The event was hosted by former Knesset member and chairman of Mifalot, Avraham Burg.
-The main Orator was the president Reuven Rivlin
The main show was our singing group of Ahava Children & Youth Village.

The show caused great enthusiasm and everyone were excited to see the president dancing and moved.


The chairman of Mifalot, Avraham Burg, was even wiped a tear from his eye.


Moshe Teomim, the founder of Mifalot and the main sponsor hugged the children of the singing group with excitment20160717_194244 20160717_195332 IMG-20160718-WA0000