Delegations at Ahava

In the past two months we were flooded with visits by many groups from abroad: 1. Groups of professionals and mayors from Romania, mainly Bucharest. 2. A group of student from Bochum, Germany 3. A group of professionals from Africa are about to visit next month. 4. Heads of the Federal Teachers Organization AFL-CIO from […]

Midot and Golden Star Rewards

Our system recieved the recognition of the Midot Organization for associations evaluation and we were given a Seal of Effectiveness for the organization’s effective activity in the field of fullfiling goals, the financial field and organizational field.

Summer Vacation

Summer vacation ended with success, a lot of fun and no casualties. The children went home for only a few days in their biological homes, but from obvious reasons they spent most of the summer at Ahava Village.The summer day camp was diverse and had many contents, some activities inside the  village and some outside: parks, […]

Honor! Honor! Honor!

Mifalot Education and Society Enterprises is an organization that operates in order to edjucate and pass on values of cooperation, social unification, and mutual help, by establishing soccer groups in peripheral cities in Israel, and in additional countries. This year, Mifalot Education and Society Enterprises is celebrating eighteen years to it’s existance. Therefore, it was […]

From Distress To Success

N is a young girl who arrived at Ahava from a Psychiatric hospitalization system. She acclimatized in a home-care unit and went to our special education school. The school staff and the tutoring program staff realized Quickly that from the moment that she resided in a supporting and promoting home-care unit, her functioning and learning […]

Outdoor Challenge Group

Our outdoor challenge group is funded by The Lotus Foundation and consists of  20 boys and girls, ages 15-17. The group participated in a challenging camp along with 30 other groups from all over the country, partially from regular schools. Fortunately Ahava’s group won the second place as the criteria for winning were group cohesiveness, […]

Ahava Considered A Leading Center

Executive Director and Chairman of the Residential Care Center non-profit Organization in Israel, Yoav Appelboim, participated in two parliamentary committees in the subject of  Children and Youth at risk in external residential arrangements. Knesset (Israel’s parliment) member Ms. Yifat Biton requested to speak before mr. Appelbiom’s speech, while presenting the committee’s spokesmen. A quote from […]