Our Mission

Designed to help children overcome the stresses of a severely dysfunctional background, Ahava offers a variety of activities and therapies. The village plays a leading role in integrating these children into Israeli society to be fulfilled citizens leading well-adjusted lives – a challenge done on a very limited budget.

About Ahava Village


Ahava means ‘love’ in Hebrew.

One might figure that a child in Israel will have decent and caring parents and live in a nurturing, supportive environment where dreams for the future will be encouraged and nourished. But sadly, that is not always the case. There are children in families where unspeakable horrors take place – murder, sexual abuse, drug addiction, and neglect – for whom the regular foster care system in Israel is not enough. Children from these “worst case” situations need more care, more treatment and more understanding to overcome their nightmares and to learn how to have a functional life.

Nestled in a quiet residential area of the northern town Kiryat Bialik, Ahava is a center for children ages six to eighteen removed by Court order from high-risk home situations.  Comprised of fifteen apartments, educational facilities and leisure areas, the campus is home to two hundred children, who receive personalized care, therapy, support and training. The children live in apartments with foster parents who provide a loving and family-oriented environment, and they attend school at the village.

They get all that at Ahava.

Ahava Village History


77 Years of Existence

In 1938, with the Holocaust imminent, Ahava, formerly an orphanage in Berlin, was moved to Israel. The shelter came to mean the difference between survival and destruction for the last group of 50 European children who had legal papers for entrance to Palestine.

Since then, Ahava has become synonymous with safety and refuge for children in need. It has cared for the young survivors of the Holocaust, refugees, and children of families suffering war casualties. Currently Ahava tends mainly to children who have been stung by war, terror, violence, abuse, crime and/or addiction. Its goal of saving children and giving them the wherewithal to overcome has never wavered in its more than 77 years of existence.

Ahava began educational and therapeutic work with Jewish children over 80 years ago in Berlin. Since then, it has helped thousands of children and youth in Israel. Located in Kiryat Bialik, Ahava is a residential center for children ages 6-18 coming from high-risk home situations. Comprised of apartments, educational facilities and leisure areas, the campus is home to 200 children, who receive personalized care, support and training. Designed to help children overcome severely dysfunctional backgrounds, Ahava offers a variety of activities and therapies and plays a leading role integrating these children and youth into Israeli society to be useful citizens leading fulfilling lives.


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