Delegations at Ahava

In the past two months we were flooded with visits by many groups from abroad:

1. Groups of professionals and mayors from Romania, mainly Bucharest.

2. A group of student from Bochum, Germany

3. A group of professionals from Africa are about to visit next month.

4. Heads of the Federal Teachers Organization AFL-CIO from the United States.

5. A group of students from Holland.

All these groups come to learn our Methods and project models of working with out- home care children.

The twelve delegation of OJC community from Orange Town, NY Arrived at Ahava this year. The members of the delegation participated in various projects dedicated to the children during two days. They build a seating area from recycled materials, built a pergola and planted some greenery, painted the stairways walls and took part in arts and crafts with the children. We thank the OJC members and Rabbi Scheff  for the investment and special donation for Ahava’s children.