From Distress To Success

N is a young girl who arrived at Ahava from a Psychiatric hospitalization system. She acclimatized in a home-care unit and went to our special education school. The school staff and the tutoring program staff realized Quickly that from the moment that she resided in a supporting and promoting home-care unit, her functioning and learning […]

Outdoor Challenge Group

Our outdoor challenge group is funded by The Lotus Foundation and consists of  20 boys and girls, ages 15-17. The group participated in a challenging camp along with 30 other groups from all over the country, partially from regular schools. Fortunately Ahava’s group won the second place as the criteria for winning were group cohesiveness, […]

Ahava Considered A Leading Center

Executive Director and Chairman of the Residential Care Center non-profit Organization in Israel, Yoav Appelboim, participated in two parliamentary committees in the subject of  Children and Youth at risk in external residential arrangements. Knesset (Israel’s parliment) member Ms. Yifat Biton requested to speak before mr. Appelbiom’s speech, while presenting the committee’s spokesmen. A quote from […]

Successful Graduates

We are pleased to report that two of the girls who reside in Ahava graduated and joined our “18+ warm homes” project. They finished highschool successfully, One with a complete matriculation diploma and the other with a partial diploma, and joined the Israel Defence Forces a week ago.